Composition for a Prepared Instrument

Greek Rebetiko Trio - Ενα Χασάπικο για το Τριο

Fast Forwarding Headlights (glitch/experimental)

Code Feline - Main Menu Cue

Ma Peur Noire  Contemporary Dance Project

Flesh Eaters Short Film

An impressionable Catholic boy faces his First Communion confused about the implications of eating Jesus' flesh and convinced that he is actually being turned into a zombie". 

 (Directed by Matt Hollis-Lima)

The sound of Flesh Eaters is based on 1960's classic zombie and horror films.  The haunting vintage analog synth sounds and small ensemble orchestrations attempt to underline and intensify the absurdity of a very poignant and funny film.

End Credits Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at P.K. Productions

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Hearts Gameplay Cue

Hang Up Short Film

Ouroboros Level1 Gameplay Cue

Ouroboros Level2 Gameplay Cue

Canyons Of Steel (as Ghostnote)

Censored Material - Blasphemy MIStake vol.3 (as Ghostnote)