Composition for a Prepared Instrument

This composition is part of a 3-track demo I worked on as my final project for Berklee College of Music. For this first music piece I joined forces with my good friend and piano technician Panos Tsigkos. We designed and created a prepared instrument that consists of piano and guitar strings. I then came up with various ways to create sound from the instrument and based my composition around it by performing live on the instrument.

The core of the instrument is the old pinblock of a 1925 Steinway grand piano, which was rebuilt by Panos. We then installed 3 piano strings and 2 guitar strings. Later on I installed a guitar pickup under the guitar strings. To create the various sounds I used, among others, a double bass bow, piano hammers, a set of drumsticks, movable bridges, an electric razor, wooden skewers, a metallic steel guitar slide etc.

The instrument was recorded using both a condenser mic and a piezo contact mic I made. It also features the Korg MS-20 mini for the various synth sounds and an acoustic guitar played with a drumstick.

Greek Rebetiko Trio - Ενα Χασάπικο για το Τριο

This original composition of mine is part of an EP that was released in December 2014. More information on this great 2-year journey I had with the band coming soon.

Music by Dimitris Mann.
Performed by the Greek Rebetiko Trio. Recorded at Ugly Duck Studios.
Dimitris Mann: Bouzouki
Panos Tsigos: Bouzouki
Giorgos Galanakis: Guitar

Austerity poster (Currently in Post-Production)

Congratulations to Renos Gavris for this great poster and the amazing work he's done so far with "Austerity". I'm very proud to be a part of this project and it's been a thrill working on the film's music under his guidance.

Austerity is a project that not only I was excited to work on from the minute I was able to get my hands on the script but also a story that I believe has to be made known to the people. As someone who witnessed the first symptoms of the financial crisis in Greece and its repercussions to the people, I also feel a strong sense of duty in sharing this story with the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming screenings!

Austerity Trailer

Music and Sound Design by Dimitris Mann

Fast Forwarding Headlights (glitch/experimental)

For this project I worked with 5 pre-existing loops and an ambience I recorded from Boston's subway. From each loop I kept snippets of sound which I then manipulated mostly through pitch shifting and time stretching. All audio was edited manually, no glitch plugins were used.

Video Edit by Renos Gavris

Dimitris Mann on the production team of Austerity film

Austerity is a short narrative film that takes place in Athens, Greece and its theme revolves around the sociopolitical issue of the financial crisis as well as the way it can affect people on a personal level. The plot is inspired by the public, conscious and motivated suicide of pensioner Dimitris Christoulas in the main square of Athens, on the morning of April 4th, 2012. Austerity is not however based on the pensioner's actual life. 

Dimitris Mann joining Mario Fragoulis on his North America Tour.

I had a blast performing truly timeless music by Manos Xatzidakis and other Greek composers next to such talented musicians. Check out the concert photos section for more.

Code Feline - Main Menu Cue

This hybrid orchestral music cue serves as the main menu music for "Code Feline", a 2-player collaborative exploration video game. Gameplay cue coming soon!

Ma Peur Noire  Contemporary Dance Project

The inspiration that triggered Ma Peur Noire was fear of confinement both as a physical and an emotional concept. The project involves a lot of sound design as well as a mixture of abstract, drum n bass, trip hop and electronica.

Red Dead Redemption Music Replacement

A music replacement project for the intro cutscene of the first Red Dead Redemption video game. A variety of live instruments and midi instruments were utilized for this cue.